CrossTalk was a weekly half-hour telecommunications podcast produced for the industry journal CommsDay.

Are Three NBNs Better Than One?

The latest from the CommsDay NBN Rebooted forum, which included lively debate about the merits of infrastructure competition.

The Metadata Bonanza

Two years of metadata could be great news for lots of people – not just law enforcement agencies, but for courts wanting to subpoena evidence – even content owners wanting to trace potential copyright infringers.

The Nitty Gritty of the MetaData Bill

How your web browsing history could be tracked by enforcement agencies, even though the Bill tabled in parliament said it will not be required.

Software is the Future, Are We Ready?

Telcos made money from voice, SMS and data. How do they stand when it comes from capitalising on the next big wave – digital services.

Bill Morrow with NBN’s reality check

NBN CEO Bill Morrow in a one to one on the progress of the new network, and all those contentious questions.

Are Data Retention Laws Imminent?

At last week’s CommsDay Congress in Melbourne Greens senator Scott Ludlam warned that data retention legislation could be tabled in Parliament as early as this month. Should we be concerned?

The Wireless Winners

The latest from the Mobile Congress in Melbourne, plus news on how carriers are preparing to cope with increased demand for bandwidth and speed.

Jason Clare: Still the fibre purist

Jason Clare, shadow communications minister, is still convinced fibre to the home is the best technology for NBNCo to be rolling out.

Mobile termination rates: distorted by fixed line callers?

The ACCC has asked the industry to comment on proposed changes to the rate carriers charge each other to complete calls on their mobile networks. Crosstalk looks at how these charges are distorted by Telstra’s fixed line charges.

Complaints Down. Time to Ease Regulation?

The TIO annual report shows complaints are down – does this mean now is the time to reduce the amount of regulation the telecommunications industry faces?

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