Debunking Economics

Phil talks to Prof Steve Keen on the lies and misunderstands of the economics profession

The problem with now

The economy is based on the here and now. Whilst we complain about government debt being a cost to future generations, we don’t invest in future generations if it’ll compromise our current lifestyle. I ask @profstevbeken, is that any way to save the planet!

Relative values

Economic principles suggest price is the best indicator of value. But, as discussed with Steve Keen, everyone has a different concept of value, determined by how much money they’ve got.

Inflation – transitory, then what?

Everyone seems to agree that prices will go up temporarily. But only @profstvekeen seems to be arguing it’ll be followed by a period of deflation. Listen to this week’s Debunking Economics podcast.

Do central banks only help the rich?

QE and low interest rates. @profstevekeen and I discuss how central banks are helping the rich get richer and widening wealth inequality. In the UK the govt. is helping with that too!

Navigating out of the COVID crisis

Will economies simply come bouncing back? Not with the accumulated levels of private debt says @profstevekeen. So what should governments and central banks do now?

A history of recessions, and why this is not so different

Steve Keen compares this economics downturn with those that have gone before – the ones without a pandemic.

Removing the green premium

The BiIl Gates approach to the climate crisis is to eradicate the carbon-free premium. But in today’s Debunking Economics podcast Steve Keen says that only goes part of the way to a solution.

Yellen’s global tax is a non starter

Janet Yellen wants the world to agree a universal rate of corporate tax. Has she got a cat in hell’s chance of making any headway? No way says @profSteveKeen on this week’s Debunking Economics podcast. But would it solve anything anyway?

Central banks investigate digital money

Central banks around the world are looking at introducing their own digital currencies. I ask @profstevekeen, what exactly do they mean, and what’s their end game?

The fallacy of the supply curve

Last week @profstevekeen showed why the law of demand was useless. This week on the Debunking Economics podcast he pulls apart the supply curve.

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