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Phil’s daily business podcast. All you need to know in 30 minutes, with a bit of attitude thrown in. And a few laughs, sometimes.

Retail’s big change, no loose change required

Susannah Streeter on how Argos helped lift Sainsbury’s online sales, whilst Mustafa Khanwala explains how apps like @MIshiPayApp will drive an online-instore hybrid shopping experience. Is this the future of the High Street?

EU votes on Brexit shambles

The EU has voted on the trade agreement we already have. So how is it working out for us? Vicky Pryce joins me on today’s It’s the Business for a Brexit stock take.

A very cloudy summer for tourism

How will the travel industry manage this summer? I talk to @SimonCalder about the plight of airlines and other tourism operators. Inbound tourism also looks a little sick – made worse by Brexit, says Simon

The magic 7000

Where now for UK shares? Versus Europe and the US? Large caps v mid cap? @RodneyHobson is always worth a listen

Will anything come out of Biden’s Climate Fest?

President Biden’s climate summit kicks off today. On It’s the Business I ask Lucy Siegle whether it will achieve much? And where will change come from?

Hello Housing Bubble, Goodbye Super League

was a packed It’s the Business this morning, with Russell Quirk and Jonny Gould – talking 95% mortgage guarantee, the demise of the Super League and inflation worries.

US v UK – who has the right idea on recovery (and football)?

Who has the best approach to navigating a pandemic, the US or UK? I ask Kallum Pickering. Plus, the latest employment data for the UK and the Super League – what’s it got to do with the government?

Side hustles, Bitcoin tumbles and Brexit stumbles

Today Jasmine Birtles with some ways to make money on the side. Plus Bitcoin takes a hit, and so does the UK (from Brexit).

Computing on the Edge, Crypto on the NASDAQ

Will Coinbase be Wall Street’s proxy for crypto values? Discussed on today’s It’s the Business. Plus @James_T_Bourne talks Cloud, Edge, Fog and Mist!

Will COVID-19 breed more surveillance?

Track and trace is still needed, but we need to make better use of technology says @PeterCochrane on today’s It’s the Business podcast. Does he mean more surveillance? Are we going to see yet more cameras around the place?

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