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Beg, steel, and borrow

Is this the end of the line for the British steel industry. I talk to Steve Keen about the repercussions of the collapse of Greensill Capital. Plus, the US stimulus bill passed, but is it too much?

What are bond yields and why they matter

This morning @PaulKavanagh1 and I try to explain how bond yields work and why they’ve driven central banks into buying more and more of them. Plus, that @piersmorgan exit.

Getting the trains back on track

The rail industry has been haemorrhaging money. The expectation is we’ll never go back to the full-time commute. Today I ask rail expert Sir Michael Holden whether the government or the industry has a plan for what happens next. Plus, China dips into its own share market. The Bank of England starts to recognise the inflation threat and is Italy at the start of another wave of COVID-19?

An Irish Sea of Red Tape

“It’s not just teething problems, there is a permanent hit on the economy”. Prof Alex de Ruyter from the Centre for Brexit Studies on the ongoing angst over the Northern Ireland protocol.

A post-COVID technology rush

On today’s podcast Peter Cochrane talks about how the COVID crisis has seen some leveling-up when it comes to the use of technology.

Carry on furloughing

Today John Ashcroft joins me to go through yesterday’s budget – the good, the bad and the ugly. The good is the continuance of furlough, but how long before poorer households realise their taxes are going up?

Rishi, help the self employed

Tuesday 3rd March 2021

It’s already been revealed that the furlough scheme will be extended until September, and that the Chancellor will also extend support for the self-employed. But will Rishi’s budget today plug some of the gaps for those working for themselves, who have struggled through this crisis with no government support whatsoever. And could some of today’s budget measures make life more difficult for them? Andy Chamberlain, from the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, talks through just how dire the situation is for many of those working for themselves.

Plus, yesterday the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee questioned the independence of the Bank of England as they continue to buy up government debt. Alistair Darling was amongst those participating, where the question was raised about whether the banks remit needs to change to include a target on employment. Phil Dobbie talks through what happened at the committee yesterday, and asks whether we’re actually seeing the adoption of Modern Monetary Theory by stealth.

Preparing for the sunny uplands?

Today Berenger’s @KallumPickering reflects on the volatility in the markets last week. It’s largely good news as enthusiasm grows for a return to the sunny uplands later this year. But will it happen according to Boris Johnson’s schedule?

Hobson’s Choice – Five stocks to consider

Today Rodney Hobson gives his five top share picks, will we keep to Boris’ lockdown schedule and Trump is back, but the script hasn’t changed.

The return of the holidaymaker

Today, Tom Buncle talks to me about the types of travellers tourism operators should be focusing on later this year. Plus the Bank of England Governor speaks out against the EU’s attempts grab all Euro clearing.

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