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Innovation, pricing and policy are key to a greener future

Tackling climate change with
Nick Butler and Steve Keen, plus Elon Musk loses the short-lived richest man title and Michael Bolton sings about trading platforms!

The long road to freedom; plus the upshot from the Uber case

Lockdowns, Scotch egg, more on Facebook, inflation worries, and
CIP’s Ben Willmott on the Uber driver ruling. That’s more than enough for one show.

Lockdowns set to ease, house prices set to rise

Monday 22nd February 2021

Unless you’ve been hiding in a bunker (as many of us have) you’ll be aware that Boris Johnson will be announcing the schedule for the easing of lockdown measures today. Phil Dobbie says most papers this morning already have it planned out, as the UK’s vaccine rollout programme continues at pace and ahead of schedule. He explains why Israel will be an interesting test case in the next few weeks – they have rolled out vaccines quickly too, but also opened up shops and schools immediately afterwards. Have they moved too soon? But there’s one western democracy where vaccines aren’t entirely welcome. Listen in for more. You’ll also hear property expert Russell Quirk’s views on house prices. He says they are going to rise this year, even though many other experts are forecasting a downturn. With interest rate slower for longer, and the potential for inflation when the economy eventually bounces back, isn’t increased housing demand inevitable?

Facebook’s blockade, Cruz’s escape and Starmer’s crazy bond plan

Today Paul Wallbank on the Facebook blockade, plus Keir Starmer’s bond plans, and Ted Cruz’s dash from the cold lands him in hot water.

We need tax reform, but will we get it?

Government debt was rising well before COVID. Does this signal a need for tax reform, if so how? The @FT’s @martinwolf_ on today’s I’s the Business podcast.

Rishi, small businesses need a strategy

The governments support for small business during the crisis has been haphazard. Liz Barclay says they now need to come up with a cohesive strategy, to see us out of the pandemic and well beyond.

The Government’s Irreversible Debt

There’s no point in governments expecting to return to a balanced budget. On today’s It’s the Business podcast Petronus Partners CEO @PaulJKavanagh1 says the link between taxation and spending has been severed. So, what happens now?

Share in the bounce back

This morning @rodneyhobson picks shares and sectors that could do well in the bounce back we are set to experience. Plus, hotel quarantine starts today. Take our place in the border queue.

Will COVID spawn some innovative new companies?

On “It’s the Business” today I ask early stage investor Jonathan Marchbank whether, like in previous downturns, this crisis will create new mega companies.

There’s some hope for small business

Craig Beaumont from the FSB says it’s been a narrow bridge for businesses to cross, but offers some hope for small businesses adapting to a post-COVID era. Plus, vaccine news, celebrity messages and today’s papers.

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