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An abridged history of the Aussie internet

Journalist Glenda Korporaal has written “20 years of the internet in Australia” to commemorate two decades of AARNET. On this week’s Twisted Wire I talk to Glenda and Chris Hancock, the CEO of AARNET.

Is wholesale-only backhaul just a pipedream?

The potential acquisition of Pipe Networks by SP Telemedia has raised the question about whether vertically integrated backhaul providers will mean higher wholesale prices for ISP customers.

Can complaints on mobile content be cut?

On 1 July this year the new Mobile Premium Services Code was introduced. It sounds like it’s had a good impact, but is it enough?

Can the Telco Reform Act be win-win?

In the second of our two programs looking at the Senate Inquiry into the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment Bill, we hear from shareholders, bureaucrats and industry groups.

Do we need the legislative blackmail?

Virtually everyone in the telecommunications industry has their say in the Senate Standing Committee’s public hearing into the pending legislation to split up Telstra, in this week’s Twisted Wire podcast.

Senate Select finds Tassie is in the dark

Next month the Senate Select Committee on the NBN will table its final report. It will reflect the views of 100 or so submitted documents and a series of public hearings.

NBN should be free, says economist

Why the National Broadband Network should be free, and other stories from another day of the Senate Select Committee on the Rudd Government’s telco infrastructure baby.

Senate broadband hearing – NBN at what cost?

Debate over the National Broadband Network is heating up. Is it economic? Do we want to avoid two major networks? What will be built? How will it be funded?

Separation: The UK experience

How can the UK experience of BT’s separation inform our understanding of Telstra’s future? We talk to the key UK players to get the lay of the land.

Has Conroy got the numbers for reforms?

Getting Senator Stephen Conroy’s regulatory reform for the telecommunications industry through the parliament would need support from the Senate. On Twisted Wire we ring around to see which parties are supportive and which are against.

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