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Has Conroy got the numbers for reforms?

Getting Senator Stephen Conroy’s regulatory reform for the telecommunications industry through the parliament would need support from the Senate. On Twisted Wire we ring around to see which parties are supportive and which are against.

The state of e-commerce in Australia

Research by Roy Morgan has shown that online shopping continues to rise in Australia. Almost half of all Australians have bought something online, with travel the most popular product.

Special edition Telstra break-up podcast

In a massive “special edition” of our telco podcast Twisted Wire, we talk to virtually everyone in the telecommunications industry about the break-up of Telstra, including man of the moment, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.

Do SMBs want unified communications?

Where is unified communications headed? Will it eventually break out of the corporate space and attract the attention of business operators? If so, who will provide the service?

Copyright protection without the court action

Will new business models cut down the amount of people breaking the law, reduce the market for pirates and remove the need for litigation?

Facts on the iiNet AFACT case

The Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) has delivered hundreds of IP addresses to iiNet of account users it believes have illegally downloaded movies.

Will readers pay for online news?

In this edition of Twisted Wire we look into the user-pays model. We might pay for content if it satisfies our specialist interests, but are the major news publishers geared up to provide such a wealth of content?

Doug Campbell on the task ahead

Tasmanian NBN chair Doug Campbell talks about the roll-out of the National Broadband Network in that state, as well as its economic viability and the path ahead.

Samuel’s battle with the phone cards

Telephone call cards — how dodgy are they, despite recent court actions by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission?

Where next for telco number three?

What’s next for AAPT? Australia’s number three telco refused to join Twisted Wire this week, so we decided to cover them anyway, guerrilla-style.

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