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Markets recover, but why?

Markets are mixed today, says NAB’s Ray Attrill in today’s podcast, with equities bouncing back on reflation expectations, whilst bond markets remain cautious over the speed of recovery.

Markets Hit by the Delta Blues

Rising cases of the prevalent COVID 19 variant give markets a strong dose of the Delta Blues. NAB’s Taps Strickland says tensions with China aren’t helping either.

OPEC drip feeds more oil

The Aussie dollar is under pressure because of global market uncertainty over COVID says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril on today’s podcast, with the Delta variant now the most common around the world.

Free markets through subsidy

The need for subsidies is an admission that free market forces cannot operate unchecked. I ask @profstevekeen how you can ensure subsidies are applied effectively and fairly.

Cautious for no clear reason

There’s more caution in the markets today, even though numbers out of Australia, the US and China were better than expected. There’s a bit of battle fatigue hitting the market says NAB’s David de Garis.

More inflation, RBNZ moves first

More inflation signals with the RBNZ moving towards rate rises. NAB’s Gavin Friend says there are no signs that other central banks will be following in a hurry.

Another US inflation surprise. Still transitory?

US inflation has surprised again, up even higher than last month. But NAB’s Tapas Strickland says the indications are that it’s still transitory.

Stocks high on earning hopes; times changing for ECB

NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says markets are positioning themselves for positive outcomes from the US Q2 earnings season that kicks off today. Christine Lagarde’s news on the continuance of PEPP has had less influence. Today’s US CPI numbers could have more of an impact.

Delta’s day off

A swift turnaround in market sentiment on Friday. NAB’s Ray Attrill provides some of the reasons.

2 percent or not 2 percent, that is the question

The ECB’S new strategy has driven the Euro higher in a market which has generally been driven down by COVID concerns. NAB’s David de Garis explains what’s changed in the ECB’s 2% inflation target.

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