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Risk on, for how long?

PMI numbers on Friday showed a sharp rise in services says NAB’s Tapas Strickland. All eyes are on the speed of the rebound in Europe now, whilst equities race higher in the US. With all this good news will there be even a hint of a change in future direction from the Fed this week.

Removing the green premium

The BiIl Gates approach to the climate crisis is to eradicate the carbon-free premium. But in today’s Debunking Economics podcast Steve Keen says that only goes part of the way to a solution.

ECB avoids taper-talk, Biden’s rumoured tax grab

Reports of a capital gains hike has weighed on US equities, but NAB’s Gavin Friend says its been an opportunity for investors to consider the valuations of shares, particularly if the pace of recovery slows. Also, the ECB, not ready to talk tapering just yet.

Will anything come out of Biden’s Climate Fest?

President Biden’s climate summit kicks off today. On It’s the Business I ask Lucy Siegle whether it will achieve much? And where will change come from?

Hawkish BoC boosts Canadian dollar

NAB’s David de Garis says the market was expecting the Bank of Canada to announce tapering of bond purchases, but the 2.5% increase in their growth forecast was a big surprise. Plus a look ahead to the ECB on today’s podcast.

Hello Housing Bubble, Goodbye Super League

was a packed It’s the Business this morning, with Russell Quirk and Jonny Gould – talking 95% mortgage guarantee, the demise of the Super League and inflation worries.

Market cautious over speed of recovery

Wednesday 21st April 2021

There’s a cautious mood in the markets right now, with US stocks down, with smaller caps hit particularly hard. NAB’s Ray Attrill discusses whether this is all down to a revaluation of the speed of the economic recovery. Could the tightening of credit be responsible for this? It’s hard for businesses to recover without borrowing. There’s also discussion of yesterday’s RBA minutes and the expectations for Australia’s retail numbers out this morning.

US v UK – who has the right idea on recovery (and football)?

Who has the best approach to navigating a pandemic, the US or UK? I ask Kallum Pickering. Plus, the latest employment data for the UK and the Super League – what’s it got to do with the government?

Wall Street pulls back during a quiet session

Shares fall back off highs. NAB’s Tapas Strickland has a technical explanation in today’s podcast. Meanwhile Cable and the Euro doing well on the reopening story.

Side hustles, Bitcoin tumbles and Brexit stumbles

Today Jasmine Birtles with some ways to make money on the side. Plus Bitcoin takes a hit, and so does the UK (from Brexit).

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