Interviews and rants from radio shows

Radio in a podcast age

Jonny Gould and radio programmer Liam Thompson on how radio networks can respond to the podcasting challenge.

Trump, Boris and Juncker

I came on to TalkRADIO to talk about a potential US UK trade deal and ended up talking about why Brexit happened in the first place.

How to tax global tech

France plans to introduce a 3% transaction tax on tech. On TalkRADIO I suggested an easier way of gauging whether these companies are paying their fair share.

Why BP don’t care what National Trust does

National Trust is divesting £30m that it has tied up with fossil fuel companies. On TalkRADIO I explain the simple reason why the BPs and Shells of the world won’t care.

Talking Trump & Blackpool on TalkRADIO

Talking with Daisy McAndrew on TalkRADIO.

Talking Brexit on TalkRADIO

I discuss Brexit with George Galloway – the most polite disagreement you’ll ever hear.

Talking China on TalkRADIO

A quick piece on TalkRADIO this morning to talk about the slowdown in the Chinese economy and the possibly ramifications.

All Brexit options are bad – Merry Christmas

On Sunday I spoke on Katie Perrior’s show on TalkRADIO about the ease or otherwise of moving to WTO rules. Here’s the audio, and here are more thoughts on the matter for those who prefer to read rather than listen.

BBC Radio Solent Drive – 25th September 2019

Me on drive on BBC Radio Solent – three hours of very local stuff.

BBC Radio Solent Drive – 24th September 2018

Another day of local news on local radio, for a few local people who might have been listening.

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