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New month, new tariffs, new uncertainty

New US tariffs on Chinese imports kicked in over the weekend. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril anticipates the market reaction, whilst consumer sentiment I the US records a big drop.

China’s olive branch supports risk-on mood

Trade tensions ease as China offers an olive branch – NAB’s David de Garis talks through the market reaction, notwithstanding the increase in tariffs this weekend.

Boris, proroguing his way to Brexit

The pound took a hit today as PM Johnson announced he would suspend parliament from Sept 12th. I ask NAB’s Gavin Friend why the pound bounced back so quickly, and what happens next.

Markets fall after yesterday’s false hope

Markets have retreated from the temporary optimism of yesterday. I talk to NAB’s Rodrigo Catril about the latest turn the US China trade talks, including falls in bond yields and equities. Still, there’s optimism in Italy and the UK. For now.

Turn around on trade war but downturn in Germany

The markets reversed their position on optimism over US China trade talks, but NAB’s Tapas Strickland wonders what’s really changed?

A stormy Monday as trade war ratchets up

As the trade war ratchets up NAB’s Ray Attrill looks at how things escalated over the weekend, and the market reaction expected today.

All eyes on Powell; manufacturing weak in US and Europe

A few surprising remarks from Fed speakers, says NAB’s Alex Stanley on today’s Morning Call podcast. All eyes and ears on Powell’s words at Jackson Hole.

A divided Fed, a failed bond auction and a blistering Brexit

What can we learn from the FOMC minutes? NAB’s David de Garis talks to me about expectations from the US, a failed bond auction in Germany and a new ultimatum for Boris Johnson.

Markets retreat as Conte goes, but Merkel offers an olive branch

The markets have shown a complete reversal on yesterday. Phil Dobbie asks NAB’s David de Garis why the sudden change of fortune?

US dollar, equities and bond yields rise, but why?

US dollar, equities and bond yields rise, but why? Phil Dobbie asks NAB’s Rodrigo Catril on today’s Morning Call podcast.

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