Twisted Wire

A weekly podcast on the tangled mess that is the Australian telecommunications industry

Five pros and cons of the NBN

It’s fast, ubiquitous and it boosts productivity. Are there any downsides to the National Broadband Network (NBN)?

Time to come clean on NBN costs

NBN Co is presenting a new corporate plan at the end of this month. Could it be bad news for the government?

Copyright lost in the cloud

KPMG reckons that cloud computing will add $3 billion to our GDP in 10 years. But will the opportunities of the cloud be constrained if we don’t fix copyright law?

Malone vs. Gane on copyright reform

Unsurprisingly, the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft’s loss at the High Court will see internet service providers less open to compromise solutions on how to fight piracy, which means free rein for infringers.

Primus sale a win for customer service

This week, Twisted Wire talks to Primus Australia CEO Tom Mazerski about the company’s acquisition by M2. Plus, Alexander Downer warns of the dangers of containing China.

5 ways for telcos to lift their game

This week’s Twisted Wire looks at how the telecommunications industry can improve its reputation, keep customers happy and get the regulators off its back.

Who’s snooping who?

The attorney-general doesn’t want Chinese authorities, through Huawei, snooping on our internet activity. Meanwhile, in the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron has declared that no one should be tracking what’s happening online, except for the government.

New mobile code, old behaviours

An improved code for mobile premium services comes into force in June. Tighter controls in the industry are needed.

Can telcos support the cloud?

As we attach more devices to the internet, there’s a role for telcos to assist in the set-up process — as long as they know where to draw the line.

If Vodafone rebuilds it, will they come?

Vodafone has just launched a customer guarantee, but is that, and a billion-dollar network investment, enough to secure its future in Australia?

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