Twisted Wire

A weekly podcast on the tangled mess that is the Australian telecommunications industry

Hosted telephony should be simple

iiNet recently launched a hosted IP-telephony solution. It’ll do well because it simplifies what others try to confuse.

Death of a rock star

Steve Jobs was Apple. In this special edition of Twisted Wire we look back at his career and also ask how the company will survive without him.

NBN Co’s Mike Quigley unplugged

Two years into the job as head of NBN Co, Twisted Wire spends half an hour with Mike Quigley to talk about his role and the progress of the nation’s biggest ever infrastructure project.

Divergent views on convergence

The government’s commissioned inquiry into convergence has a pretty broad brief. Has the government opened a can of worms?

Is it TKO for the TIO?

Could the continued rise in industry complaints force the government to conclude that the telco industry is incapable of self-regulation?

The NBN’s upside in Doonside

NBN Co connected the first broad-acre development to the National Broadband Network yesterday. Twisted Wire made a visit, as well as eavesdropping on the ACANN annual conference.

The NBN’s multi-multi-cast approach

The wasted overhead of multiple retailers multi-casting the exact same streams is one of Simon Hackett’s concerns about the National Broadband Network Company’s proposed multi-cast product.

M2M: the mobile saviour?

This week on Twisted Wire, we look at M2M (machine-to-machine) communication, and ask whether it’s the next big opportunity for mobile network operators.

A very social riot

It’s now known that BlackBerry Messenger was used extensively to spread the word on the UK riots. Does that mean that authorities should be able to shut down networks used to incite civil unrest?

The Turnbull Broadband Network

On this week’s Twisted Wire Malcolm Turnbull expands on his plans for broadband development under a coalition government.

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