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How we’ve applied short-term thinking to a long-term crisis

Anything to get us through a few months ignores the likelihood that life will be like this for the next few years.

Has the UK actually been hit the most by COVID-19?

Today’s weekly death certificates form the ONS suggest the UK has bit hit the hardest by COVID-19, by quite along way.

The Heathrow decision doesn’t hurt global Britain, but it does help the planet

The Appeals Court made the right decision. Such a massive expansion of Heathrow would be bad for the climate and wouldn’t do much for global Britain. The only winner would be the airport operators.

Will Boris deliver?

Boris Johnson has promised the world to his new supporters, but will he deliver? The numbers say it all.

Why HS2 needs to be built

A government review into the HS2 project has suggested that it should be built, even though it might cost more than the $88 billion currently budgeted for the project. Is this the best use of money? In a word, yes, and here’s why.

Boris is fighting for the lions share of a minority

There’s no doubt his strongarm tactics help Boris Johnson won public support, but polls suggest he’ll never win over the majority. Why? Because they don’t want Brexit.

Boris is a man with a plan. Here it is.

The path of events suggests Boris Johnson has his sights set on resurrecting the Withdrawal Agreement. He just doesn’t want the DUP to know about it.

Project Fear – Chapter One

Life after Brexit. It won’t be this bad, surely?

All Brexit options are bad – Merry Christmas

On Sunday I spoke on Katie Perrior’s show on TalkRADIO about the ease or otherwise of moving to WTO rules. Here’s the audio, and here are more thoughts on the matter for those who prefer to read rather than listen.

The non-binary answer to Brexit

Brexit is a fiasco because we were presented with a binary choice. New Zealand can teach us how to reach a conclusive answer to what is fundamentally a two stage question – should we change, what are we changing to?

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