Why Trump Will Fail, Then U-Turn

Professor Steve Keen is a big supporter of Trump’s plan for the economy, but believes it’ll fail for one simple reason. The plan is accompanied by a determination to return the budget to surplus

May’s Got the Wrong Plan For Brexit

Steve Keen and I agree on lots of things, but fall on either side of the Brexit camp. One of us believes Britain should have remained to fight EU bureaucracy from the inside, the other suggests the community is fundamentally flawed, along with the concept of free trade, and will collapse soon anyway.

Will Trump Be Good for the US Economy?

Will the new President be good news for his country, particularly those struggling to find jobs in the rust belt of Middle America?

Can We Stop Economic Cycles?

Reserve banks try desperately to remove boom and bust cycles. But are they on a hiding to nothing?

Did Keynes have a better plan for exchange rates?

Is there a more stable method of determine exchange rates – that didn’t rely on the US dollar or the value of gold. Is it time to revisit Keyne’s thinking?

Steve Keen on the Year Ahead

The start of the end of the Euro, the continued rise of the right, recession for Australia and a booming US economy thanks to Trump‘s spending program.

What Scrooge Could Learn From Keynesian Economics

If Scrooge had behaved like he did he in the last few pages of A Christmas Carol, he would be bankrupt. But he wasn’t good for the economy beforehand, either.

Bank Collapses, All Over Again.

We look at the state of banks around the world and economies teetering on the edge. If we are to face another global financial crisis, driven by bank collapses, how do the circumstances compare with 2007-8?

Why Debt is Like Sex With Accountants

Steve Keen talks the importance of double entry book keeping – something accountants might find more exciting than sex. If they even know what that is.

National debt and private debt – how one can help the other

Why is it that we expect our governments to operate without borrowing, whilst many of us are mortgaged to the hilt?

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