How Much is Free Trade Costing Us?

An explanation on why Ricardo’s theories on comparative advantage don’t hold true in the real world. Starting with the the industrialisation of Japan.

Influencing the Speed of Money

Milton Friedman had a theory that the wealth of a nation was determined by the amount of money and the velocity of that money. So shouldn’t we be trying to speed things up.

Austerity is Chipmunk Thinking

Is the government’s austerity programme the same as chipmunks hording nuts for the winter. Fine if we want the economy to go into hibernation.

Monopolies – a Necessary Evil?

All companies do not have to be an equal size for perfect competition. Steve Keen argues that the best outcomes occur when businesses form a “power law” structure.

Trump won because trickle-down economics doesn’t work

Trump’s unexpected win reflects the dissatisfaction of huge swathes of disenfranchised voters across America.

Brexit is Needed to Bring Down the EU

Steve Keen’s thoughts are that the concept of the EU, as it stands, is so abhorrent that a Brexit is needed to encourage others to do the same and pull the whole thing apart.

Interest rates – do they really control inflation?

How are inflation an dinterest rates inter-related and is the bond is as tight as Central Banks seem to believe?

The crazy (and not so crazy) ideas of Donald Trump

Donald Trump has some crazy ideas, but on some matters his intuition might be right.

Inflation. Is it a good or bad thing?

Isn’t low inflation a good thing? Not so, says Steve Keen as he discusses the role of inflation in monetary decisions made by Reserve Banks around the world.

Why Sydney house prices will fall. And by how much.

Sydney housing is sitting on a knife edge. It’s close to being the least affordable it’s ever been, and it’s achieved that with the lowest ever interest rates.

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